About Me

Hello! My name is Angela, and I'm the flour-covered face behind Sweet Treats and Stitches.

I love to create, whether it's with flour, butter and sugar, or with yarn and fabric.

Right now I'm playing the part of a single mom as my superman husband is off completing military training (isn't he hot?)

so my life revolves around these two cuties: 

that's Monkey on the left and Little Miss on the right.

When I have some quiet time (or I've begged someone to watch them) I have a chance to do what I love best: bake!

I also love to crochet (my yarn stash is a little out of hand) and I've always got 2 or 3 projects in the works (great for keeping things interesting, horrible for keeping track of what size hook goes with which project!)

Well that's me! Thanks for stopping in!

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